The Relocation Stress Institute is dedicated to helping businesses and their employees reduce the risks and the costs associated with the life changing stress of relocation. Using science-based research and methods we offer new hire/transfer employees individualized training to gain the critical skill sets necessary for speeding up the acclimation process and minimizing the deleterious outcomes associated with relocation stress, and for businesses we offer research-based training for managers and human resource professionals to reduce the costs of low retention rates, increased sick days/days off, low production/performance rates and other hidden costs associated with employee adjustment and acclimation struggles following the move.



Expert researchers with interdisciplinary backgrounds focusing on environmental, social and health sciences, and over 20 years of experience conducting rigorous scientific research studies and program evaluations including NIMH, nonprofit and corporate-sponsored inquiries. Published authors in peer-reviewed, scientific journals, books, and numerous other forums, and experienced scientific journal reviewers. Educated and trained in scientific research methodologies, program evaluation, economic and financial analysis, data science and advanced statistical analysis, and qualitative research and survey design, including mitigating factors of stressful life events including numerous personal, cultural, social, environmental and contextual factors.



Beginning with her groundbreaking scientific study researching factors that mitigate the adverse effects of relocation stress with high-mobility members of the U.S. military, and following through to today, the founder and CEO of the Relocation Stress Institute has worked with people from a variety of different vocations, backgrounds and moving histories to develop the relo-stress training program for managers and human resource professionals, and the one-on-one consulting program for new hires and transfers. Her background and experience includes:

-Doctorate with interdisciplinary scientific research training in the behavioral, social, ecological and health sciences and a focus on the personal, social and environmental factors that influence risk perceptions and health-related choices and behaviors. Training: University of Chicago and University of California.

-Extensive scientific research experience and interdisciplinary training examining multiple personal, social and environmental factors influencing adjustment and adverse health consequences associated with relocation stress.

-Over twenty years of experience in scientific research and training/consulting in the stress and relocation stress arenas; work has included the U.S. Air Force, AT&T, Xerox, and others.

-Author of numerous peer-reviewed, scientific journal publications and mainstream articles in a variety of behavioral and health sciences topics including stress and relocation stress.

-Member of one of the groundbreaking research teams studying the mediating variables for avoiding and overcoming the debilitating health effects of stress in the workplace, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) grant.

-Author of the user-friendly book written entitled, “Moving can get you sick: The high costs of relocation stress and what your company can do about it”.

-Extensive experience designing and conducting workshops, seminars, university courses and one-on-one training and consulting on the topic of stress and relocation stress management.

-Experienced in training, research and consulting on a variety of key variables known to mitigate the adverse effects of relocation stress and enhance healthy adaptation to new work and home environs.

-Extensive experience developing practical, effective tools, strategies and techniques for coping with relocation stress and avoiding adverse health-related consequences.

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