Relocation Stress Mitigation Video Training Series for Employers

Session 1 of the Relocation Stress Mitigation Video Training Series for Employers


Relocation Stress can be Dangerous for Employees and Bad for Business

This Introduction and Overview of the Training Series covers the risk to employers and new hires/transfers from Relocation Stress.

The Risk to New Hires/Transfers from Relocation Stress: includes serious cognitive, emotional and physical health problems brought on by relocation stress. Despite the fact that most people who have moved can tell you about the hassles and stressors involved, few people are aware of how potentially dangerous this life-changing event can be to health and well-being.

More specifically, in terms of the seriousness and severity, scientific studies have found that relocation stress is second only to death of a spouse, that adverse reactions to relocation stress can surface for anywhere between six and 18 months following a move, and that in terms of adverse stress-related reactions, as many as one-third of all moves do not go well.

The Risk to Employers: Because people do not live in a vacuum, the stress stemming from the major life transition of relocation can spill over into other areas of their lives—including the workplace. Employers can be on the receiving end of the adverse consequences of employees’ relocation stress by way of a decrease in employee productivity and the ability to focus, an increase in sick days and days/time off, an increase in healthcare costs, and an increased turnover rate.

Fortunately, there are solutions for mitigating relocation stress—as well as adverse effects to both employees and their employers. These strategies are the basis for our book, as well as our Relocation Employee Adaptation Program (REAP), our one-on-one employee consultation component, as well as the this Video Training Series…the video version of our train-the-trainer seminars and workshops for human resource professionals, corporate managers, and in-house trainers.

Backstory: The foundation for our applied training programs has its roots in the findings of our scientific research studies on relocation stress dating back to the early 1990s with high-mobility research participants from the U.S. military, and continues to today with robust employee data from a wide range of industries. In short, the strategies, tools and techniques presented throughout this book and in our training programs are not only science-based but have also been confirmed in real-world applications.

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Session 1: Overview + Introduction–Relocation Stress Mitigation Training Series (from RSI/ from Relo Stress on Vimeo.