Strategies for a Smooth Move

Relocation is the second most stressful life event we can experience, placing us at risk for numerous physical, emotional and cognitive problems.  Following some of the tried-and-true logistical strategies both before and during the move can help to reduce some of the stressors.  Despite the fact that the following links are part of a paid advertisement from a national moving company, the tips offered can be valuable nonetheless, including “Moving 101,” a tutorial that shows you how to choose a mover, when to move, what type of estimates to request, and what to expect on moving day. The tutorial even covers things most people never think about, including the best way to move pets, plants, and electronics.

Smart Moves Before You Move

The process of moving can be overwhelming. In addition to packing boxes and planning your new living room décor, it’s equally important to set aside time to address a few key personal finance matters. Here are five important money moves to make before you move.

It’s a Moving Experience

This year, about 10% of the U.S. population will experience an upheaval widely recognized as one of life’s most stressful events. That’s because an estimated 35 million Americans—families, corporate transferees, and military personnel—will undertake a move. Choosing a mover from the many that advertise on the Internet can contribute to the anxiety.  That is because the internet abounds with so-called rogue movers who give appealing estimates off the top of their heads. Then, at delivery, they demand double or even triple the price—and hold belongings hostage until they get paid.  There is a way to choose a reliable mover, however. Experts advise that you look for one certified as a ProMover by The American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA), the national trade association for the professional moving and storage industry.

Master Your Move

National Van Lines’ website contains a list of nine tips for making moving as stress-free as possible, starting with an obvious but often overlooked suggestion: Determine which goods will be shipped and which will be sold or given away. Other ideas include…