Moving Linked with Increases of Emergency Ward Visits

Did you know that children’s burn accidents spike following a move?  In fact accidents, injuries and emergency room visits for all family members who have relocated spike after a move and remain at an increased level for an average of 18 months following relocation.

Why would this occur?  The reason is because relocation is a significant life-changing event, and according to the scientific research, second only in stress levels to death of a spouse.  When people are under a lot of stress, they do not pay attention to details as they do under normal conditions.

ProTip:  Employers should educate their managers and newly relocated employees about the stress-induced risks associated with moving and encourage employees (and their family members) to engage in stress-reducing exercises and activities and to slow down and pay attention to children, pets and other family members who may be at special risk for accidents or injury until readjustment has fully occurred and the family has re-established a normal routine.