Employers Win when Employees Move Forward

When relocating, adjustment happens quicker when we learn to not only appreciate where we’ve been, but to fully embrace going forward.

ProTip:   Managers of recently relocated employees should learn to listen to the language their new hires use to describe their previous positions. Pronouns are revealing and can give away whether the individual has made a break with his previous work life and is ready to move forward. When new hires continue to use the word “we” rather than “they”, for instance (“Well, at Employer X, we do things this way”) it may indicate the employee has not yet fully made the transition to his/her new work life and circumstances.  This process can take time. To help expedite your employee’s transition be sure to include him/her in your department’s rituals as soon as possible.  Including and engaging your new hires in things like birthday celebrations, special departmental lunches, and off-site field trips is crucial for fostering conditions for new employees to become fully integrated into their new work environs.